At 11ANTS we like to ride our bikes, preferably hard. We know from experience that with time and intensive use nothing lasts forever. We give a 5 year warranty from the point of purchase on 11ANTS frame tubing, 11ANTS parts and craftsmanship, whether you’re the first, second or umpteenth owner. Your frame number is registered at purchase, so there is no need to show us the original receipt. Damage to paint and decals is not covered by any warranty. Should yours be damaged we can supply new decals at reasonable prices.

Damage resulting from accidents or crashes is not covered, but in such cases you may be able to make use of our crash replacement policy.

Components that came with your 11ANTS bike at the point of purchase, but manufactured by other companies than ours, are covered by the warranty conditions of the original manufacturer. We can file and handle such claims on your behalf.

Crash replacement policy

Should your frame or part be irreparably damaged as a result of a crash or accident, we can offer you a new replacement at sharply reduced rates. Doing so is ultimately always at the discretion of 11ANTS.