11ANTS Specials

At 11ANTS we strive for perfection in design and manufacturing. For discerning riders who want more than our stock models can offer, we can build a special. We don’t keep the specials in stock, each one is made to order and can be tailored to your personal requirements. A few examples of previous specials are the mANTis, the pANTher and the elephANT. We are not one to shy away from a new design challenge, so let us know what you are looking for.

The mANTis is our 29er and 650b+ compatible All Mountain fully. With 140mm of rear travel and 130mm - 150mm travel forks up front the suspension absorbs most of what the trail throws at you, while the Rohloff & belt drive train result in a smooth and silent ride. In fact so silent that you can hear your tyres squirm when you're hammering through the corners. The chain stay section is built in aluminium and engineered to accommodate the concANTric bottom bracket section as well as the axANTer PM-R for Rohloff use. The top tube is lowered to maximise stand-over height. The geometry of the rocker minimises pedal bob, a common ailment on previous attempts by other builders to make this type of suspension platform work. 

The pANTher is our 650b Long Travel Hard Tail. At the front end, 150mm forks absorb most of what the trail throws at you. A combination of a slack head tube angle, short chain stays and a short stem makes it agile and confidence inspiring on the downhills. While the rigid rear-end means you need to be a bit picky in choosing your lines going down. The top tube is lowered to maximise stand-over height.

As plus-sized bikes go, the elephANT Trail Spec is in a class of its own. The 29+ tires allow you to pick a line going down and stick to it, especially when running the DT SWISS OPM OPL 120mm suspension fork. Like an elephant, it cares little about what’s in its way. Despite its hulking appearance, cornering is surprisingly light-footed and the large rubbers allow for high corner entry and exit speeds. In the hands of a capable rider it will give many downhill bikes a good run for their money.



11ANTS in the spotlight of Velozine at BikeMotion 2015  (in Dutch)