Gates carbon drive

Clean! Smooth! Strong! Never needs grease and almost maintenance-free, just hose off your Carbon Drive System and ride! The advanced no-stretch carbon cord technology means your belt will very often last longer than a chain. Created by Gates Corporation, a global leader in belt drive technologies, Gates Carbon Drive is the best high-mileage bicycle drive train on the market suitable for off road usage. For us at 11ANTS the low maintenance, lack of grease and oil and absence of chain rattles and squeaks were decisive factors in opting to mount Gates Carbon Drive on all our bikes. If you really want to, and ask nicely, we’ll mount a chain for you, but to be frank, we’d rather not!

Why we don’t get derailed by derailleurs

Derailleurs are great, if well-adjusted, clean and used in dry conditions they work just fine. When out mountain biking or expedition touring we often end up in less optimal conditions where water, mud, sand and snow affect drive train efficiency. Internal gear boxes really shine in such conditions, in combination with a belt drive, the shifting and operation remains incredibly smooth and efficient, regardless of the conditions. An added advantage of gearbox systems is the ability to shift multiple gears rapidly without pedaling and a chain line that is always perfect, regardless of the gear you’re in. Aside from this, the amount of maintenance that a derailleur system requires is far greater than any gearbox system. Time spent cleaning, lubing and adjusting is time not spent riding!