About us

We are 11ANTS. We design and build some of the best off-road bikes available. Stemming from our deep passion for cycling, our ambition is to offer our customers the best possible riding experience.

To meet that ambition we start off with functional designs that we then handcraft ourselves. We don’t compromise on material selection and engineering. We want to build the best bikes imaginable and we don’t settle for “good enough”.

Excellence, innovation and craftsmanship.

We are 11ANTS.

Our story

11ANTS is young Dutch company completely geared towards designing and building the best possible mountain bikes and expedition bikes. We started 11ANTS back in 2013 because we were dissatisfied with what the bike market had to offer. Many of the bikes from mainstream bike companies look similar to one another. Most use chains, cassettes and derailleurs that are vulnerable and wear out quickly when used off-road. We thought there’s a different way. A better way.

Today we build the bikes we used to dream of ourselves and we continue to improve the designs and grow our range of models. Together with our riders we continue to search for yet better designs and materials. This we work on every day in the conviction that further improvement is always possible.

And our name 11ANTS? Not an abbreviation, no deeper meaning. Just something we came up with when we turned dreams into action while sharing a few cold ones…

Handcrafted in Holland

In the early days of 11ANTS we designed our frames ourselves and outsourced production to the Far East, like most other manufacturers, while assembly took place in Holland. In 2017, we decided to take up the production of frames ourselves, in our own workshop in Holland. This allows us to adjust production quickly, results in shorter lead times and facilitates integration of feedback from riders. We are convinced that by having full control over the production process we can deliver the best possible quality. Authentic handcrafted in Holland bikes, that’s what we are proud of.

We think that our drive for perfection and attention to detail is reflected in our bikes. We aim high when it comes to design and innovation. The axANTer in our Pinion bikes is a good example of this: A more elegant and stiffer alternative to the sliding dropout that other manufacturers use to tension the drive belt. Another example is the mANTis, the world’s first Rohloff and belt drive full suspension that pivots around the bottom bracket.

We continue to innovate and apply incremental improvements to exiting designs while also developing new models. If you’d like to keep abreast of developments at 11ANTS, you can register for our newsletter here.

In the press

A review by Thomas Ettema for Dutch bike magazine “Bike and Trekking”

A review by Wouter Lazet for Dutch bike magazine “Fiets” 

Lars Vogelenzang of “Velozone.nl” upon closing the interview with 11ANTS during the 2015 Bike Motion trade show

The online bike magazine “Velozine” took one of our ANTelopes for a spin.

Bike and trekking runs a regular “readers’ rides” feature.


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