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11ANTS bikes collection 2019
Developed around Pinion
11ANTS pANTher

29er, 650B+, Pinion, Belt drive

With the pANTher, we have raised the bar significantly in terms of versatility. Shine on the downhills while running 650B+ 3.0 wheels or go on an off-road adventure trip. If you get the feeling that big tires are holding you back when racing your buddies on their carbon 29-ers? Just slap a set of 2.4″ tires on it and (try to) show them who is boss. Designed around a Pinion P1.12 gearbox, the pANTer takes all these wheel- and tire sizes. The listed specification is our suggestion and runs on 650B+ 3.0 wheels.


11ANTS pANTher
11ANTS pANTher
11ANTS pANTher
11ANTS pANTher
11ANTS pANTher
11ANTS pANTher
11ANTS pANTher
11ANTS pANTher
11ANTS pANTher
11ANTS pANTher




At 11ANTS we are fortunate to have a tame accountant who does not look over our shoulder during the design and manufacturing process. With great attention to detail we look for technically optimal design solutions with cost considerations (and our accountant) taking a backseat. The axANTer, our elegant and vastly stiffer alternative to the sliding drop-out is an example of what happens when the engineers are in charge.

11ANTS will not present an entire new line up of candy-colored bikes each year. Our current models will continue to be tweaked and incrementally improved upon. That said, we do have a few ideas for 2 or 3 new models which will see the light in the near future.


    Form follows function. We design with ride quality, stiffness and low maintenance in mind. The form of the bike that follows, results from the functional requirements.


    We innovate because standard frame parts do not meet our standards. From tubing down to cable guides, all frame parts are designed in-house.


    Most members of 11ANTS have been riding mountain and expedition bikes for more than 30 years. Our history and experience feeds the direction in which we develop our bikes.

  • Evolution

    Evolution is a very powerful process. Our bikes continue to evolve as we keep looking for better solutions and incorporate feedback from riders.


The axANTer is the world’s first and only eccentric axle mounting system with integrated revolving post mount. It ensures perfect aligment at all times.

post frANT

The post frANT is our solution to tightening your precious seat post. The titanium inserts line out during tightening securing your seat post in all conditions.


Our CNC machined yokes have increased stiffness, a lower weight and improve pedaling efficiency. They also allows us to build to closer tolerances.

Square chain stays

Side-way flex on bikes should be avoided, unless you want your bike to ride like a wet noodle. That’s why we use over-sized square chain stays on all our bikes.

axANTer PM-P

Our revolving post mount is a signature design that breaths simplicity, performance and a maintenance friendly solution.

CNC’d drop outs

CNC machined hooded rear drop-outs increases lateral rigidity. Positioning with the axANTer also allows to adjust for geometry preferences.

Butted Head Tube

11ANTS likes straight gauge tubes, just because of their inherit performance properties. Our head tube is the only single butted tube in our frames.

Cable Guidance

Nothing really fancy here! Just a CNC’ed aluminium cable guidance designed in such a way that it has been approved for anyone above 4 years old.


What others say about us

We are 11ANTS. We design and build some of the best off-road bikes available. Stemming from our deep passion for cycling, our ambition is to offer our customers the best possible riding experience. To meet that ambition we start off with functional designs that we then handcraft ourselves. We don't compromise on material selection and engineering. We want to build the best bikes imaginable and we don't settle for "good enough". Scroll down to browse a selection of reviews in the cycling press.

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